A common confusion for some beginner web marketers is often WordPress. How do you install the plugins? I encountered this issue when I first started out and it was because I was using WordPress.com. The free version. WordPress.com is a private organization that offers a hosting platform using WordPress as content management system. You can’t install third-party plugins when you used their service because you don’t control the hosting. You are on their version of wordpress.org.

WordPress itself is an open source content management system (CMS) used to manage the functioning of a website using visual manager. It makes running a website a heck of a lot easier. That system is found at WordPress.org and is offered to the public for free. It’s an open source software and has thousands of add-ons created by a huge community of developers all to help users customize their sites. WordPress is like a skeleton whereas the plugins are all the organs. Your content is the meat and potatoes.

It is often said that web marketers and would-be entrepreneurs should use WordPress.org and self-host with a company such as Godaddy in order to be able to better customize their sites. It’s good advice because if you are going to seek credibility (from both visitors and search engines), you will need to offer a unique brand. It’s important to customize your user experience. Your money site (where you funnel traffic) needs to be unique in not only content but also design if you want if you become authoritative. Those customizations can’t be done with the WordPress.com free offering so you should self-host. WordPress.com does have its place on the other hand.



I mentioned that WordPress is the skeleton, the plugins are the organs but the content is the meat. The meat is the most important part and brings the most value but maybe not as directly as it could on your money site. WordPress.com has a free service that can be an attractive place to publish the content that didn’t make the cut on your money site. That content can help create authority for you main site by linking to it. It may not fit your main brand but there may be a niche for it online and that presence can help drive authority to your main site.

A common misconception is that low-quality content has no value. Garbage in, garbage out is the expression which I generally agree with but content that you make is not either good or bad. There is a nuance and varying degrees to content quality. Site fit is also important. Whether your content is good or not is subjective though illegible, poor grammar, copy content and entire articles that are spun will not provide value and thus will not be valued by even Google. Intentionally bad and negligent content creation can get your site penalized by major search engines. That being said, some content no matter how much you try to edit, the message it will just never make the cut. Might as well put it to good use within a content farm. Worpress.com is the perfect fit for that type of strategy. You are sending link juice from WordPress.com to your site.

Content farms do have value despite what some internet marketers think. There are diamonds if not very tiny ones in all the crap and sometimes that crap can be recycled and used as fertilizer. It’s a matter of time before we build strong enough artificial intelligence capable of mining and using the diversity of content to learn how to write melodically and metaphorically. No matter what Google tells us, any site not deemed pure spam (and banished) is considered authoritative to some degree or another and however minute. WordPress.com  can be great to publish your low-to-medium quality content because it’s free and the web can never have too much content. The quick evolution of search engines is in large part driven by the growth of the content database which is in large part spam. More content means more data which means more to feed the AI. It’s like our brains; if we didn’t have a peripheral vision we may succumb to sensory overload but we have evolved this type of vision to cope with a world of immense detail. The internet ironically mimics that. Our AIs will adapt like us.

I’m not saying that there’s value in spamming the heck out of WordPress.com to build links to your website because that will not only get you banned by WordPress but likely sandboxed by Google. That can create negative value for you and ruin a lot of hard work and ultimately destroy wealth. It’s important to be mindful of what kind of sites you want to be vouching for yours. Barely legible doesn’t look too good for anyone but a decent quality WordPress.com site could not only creates authority for you but can become an asset to leverage to have others create authority for you also. Other webmasters may not care to post on your money site because of poor niche suitability but your farm if high enough quality may be of interest. Collaboration is what makes internet businesses successful.

In databasing all your free user based publishing accounts, you can create a portfolio of web assets. You will increase value for yourself by leveraging the authority of these sites for your money site but also by forming collaborative relationships with other web marketers which can be another strong asset. If your farm is of high enough quality, they will want to guest post on it. If they have a good farm that is close to your niche then it’s a match made in heaven.

Mutually beneficial relationships are key. Treat those connections well and database your user accounts if you are fortunate enough to convince anyone to give you one though you will have to prove your worth. Make quality content.