So you’ve decided to sell your Twitter account. Congratulations! Or not… I don’t know. Either way, you might as well get as much money for it as possible.

The best way to maximize value in the sale of an asset is to auction it off at the largest marketplace possible. The more centralized the better. That’s why the stock market is one giant auction. People buy and sell corporations by the second and even have algorithms to trade them by the millisecond. The value of an asset being purely subjective, the group decides on the final sale price in an auction rather then one person’s opinion. Social media and web properties are like mini-corporation in that they are an entity that either produces value or doesn’t. We don’t really know what they’re worth until we get together to buy and sell them at auction.

Listing social media properties such as your (or one of your) Twitter accounts can be easy with Avatar Bazaar. First, simply Register to become a member, then Post an Auction.    


Name of Site can be interpreted as the name of the auction, but describe your site. What makes your dark_vader485 Twitter handle with 35,948 active followers so attractive to potential buyers? Don’t post spam or sleazy lies though because that might harm your reputation within the community.

If you are concerned about getting your account banned within the social networks that you transact in, it is currently a risk. Be diligent by hiding the URL of your web property but prepare to provide it through private messaging. With the emergence of greater and stronger artificial intelligence, bot technology is becoming more dynamic and productive in web marketing. The accounts themselves are becoming assets of value that can further be unlocked by trading in them. The Facebooks and Twitter of the world should really take notice of this because it’s the natural evolution of markets. Where’s there is value, there’s trade.

So, getting back to it;

You have to promote the value of your account and the description box is where you should shine. Include custom comment and tweet scripts if you can produce them. You should mention how active the account is. Do you have any famous followers? Mention it. It should be at least 40 words.  

On the next page, you can include pictures. Take snapshots of you profile page or some funny tweets and conversations. Display some of your most shared tweets. Your pictures should be no more than 1500px by 900px and 100kb.

Now all you have to do is Finalize and Publish your auction then wait for auction approval. You will get notified when your auction is live then you can share it wherever you think there would be interest. You can share it within any community. The more views your auction gets, the better the price for you.

Transacting online can be sketchy sometimes; without a third party to ensure delivery of the second item exchanged, the first to exchange their item has counterparty risk. That means there is a risk of non-payment or non-delivery. It’s the risk of getting shafted for short. You need a third party to moderate the exchange acting as an escrow which is what Avatar Bazaar does. We are an area of controlled exchange. When your auction is determined and complete, you must private message the auction winner to provide account login details. It is then up to the new owner to access the account and change all relevant access information. You may advertise whatever time delay money back guarantees but that must be done outside the site. Avatar Bazaar does not solve disputes past the initial transactional escrow process. When the buyer have received your account, they will mark the auction as delivered and you will get paid.

Listing an account is free but commissions and fees may apply to the successful transactions. Have a look at our fees schedule.

Good luck in the process of selling your Twitter account and if it was a congratulation on the sale because you’re realigning your web-marketing plan, then good for you. I hope for you the best in the endeavour and if you’re looking for ideas maybe a web 2.0 flip could diversify your SEO strategies mix.