Tumblr can be a nice corner of the web to do content marketing.

What is content marketing you may ask?

This here is content marketing. It’s an article that attracts viewers by giving something away, usually information and in return, it promotes a product or service that may be related or complimentary to that piece of information. Bad content marketing, also known as spam usually skips the whole giving you information part and just promotes a product or service. It typically doesn’t provide value to anyone because it never reaches the right audience.

Content marketing is all about sharing value.      

When you create and distribute content that is worth consuming, people will read and share it, assuming you make it easy enough. When I mean easy enough, I mean having a share button directly on your article page so your audience can share your work on social platforms. Lucky for you, Tumblr has the reblog feature embedded within the platform so you don’t have to worry about embedding buttons though it’s still not a bad idea to also embed other community share buttons. Getting reblogs can be a huge driver of traffic to not only your Tumblr but also a self-managed money site that may be better monetized than what is possible on Tumblr. If you are wondering about self-managed money sites, this is worth checking out.

So how do you get these reblogs?

Obviously, as mentioned above, you have to create content worth reading to get reblogs but Tumblr can be a little more fickle that other platforms depending on your niche. It’s important to understand that the Tumblr community is generally younger and with that comes shorter attention spans and an appetite for the novel. Plus, it’s an artistic community. I do realize that writing is an art but if you’re in the insurance business, I don’t think that the Tumblr community will be very interested in reading an article about why they should always negotiate with their claims adjuster. You would be better off making an animated GIF of a tree falling on a house with a SnapChat caption saying “Hold my beer, I got this” with a “one liner” underneath saying (while linking your money site) “find out how to take it to your insurer”. You get the general idea, right? What I mean is “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.

If you’re on Tumblr, tumble…. Dammit!

Present content in a way that the community will respond to. Know your market. On Tumblr people appreciate short bursts of information. Without a creative presentation, there is basically no point in publishing on that platform as there will be little to no traction. Memes are great and anything image rich should usually get the job done.

Lest I forget. Follow blogs, like posts and reblog other relating content.

In order to be part of the community, you need to fully interact with it. You can create the most dynamic content and if you don’t participate within the community, no one will ever see your work. On Tubmlr, you can follow up to 2000 blogs per day without them even batting an eye. Remember this. This may change but it’s an important factor if you are trying to build a following fast, especially if you’re automating tasks.

You can use bots such as Follow Liker to automate tasks taking loads of work off of your plate. If you were thinking of going that route though, learn to use your bot properly before scaling up because you’ll end up spamming all over the place. That’s a huge “faux pas” and a rookie mistake. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, use proxies if you use bots. It just doesn’t work if you don’t. One more thing; take a conservative approach to you bot use because getting an account banned is a huge waste of time and spam annoys people. Automate but be considerate and you will be rewarded.  

To summarize, If you post quality content and use a bot properly to grow your Tumblr following, not only will you get a bunch of reblogs but you will likely generate a bunch of traffic to your actual site. This can be a great way to add value to your portfolio of web assets increasing your overall income. If you try this and it’s not your thing, sell the accounts. There’s money there too. This strategy has very little downside aside from your time.

Just know that none of this stuff will get you rich overnight. Plug away and find your niche. Remember that you will likely fail before you succeed.  

If you hadn’t noticed, my plug was 3 words out of this article. The majority of the content you market should be valuable no matter how tempting it is to plug your product or service whenever you can. It’s not always that balanced either but hopefully, I’ll get there someday with my content.


Cheers and good luck in your journey