Avatar-Bazaar-AboutFounded on February 9th 2016, Avatar Bazaar was the result of years of dilly daddling and fenanguering with the Internet to get it to produce income. We have come to understand that anyone who successfully earns income online does so because of focused and well managed digital asset management. One site requires an empire of trust to be  seen by web surfers. This trust can be created with a well managed portfolio of digital assets. Think of building a stock portfolio with nothing but companies who reinforce each other, then bring that to the digital scale of the internet. Google, or now Alphabet actually does this on a massive scale through its various subsidiary companies.  Like the stock market, the one who’s portfolio is more cleverly managed, earns more dividends and appreciates to greater highs. The internet is the new marketplace and the more you collaborate the more you can leverage the technology to prosper.

Avatar Bazaar is the leading marketplace to buy and sell web 2.0 properties. There are established places to buy websites and applications but no broad marketplace that include social media and user generated platforms. All your digital property, including administrative rights and account authority is worth something to other web marketers willing to pay good money to leverage your established web trust. Get paid for your unused web properties by selling them at auction.

Whether you are looking to sell your Facebook fan page, Tumblr blog or your website, we can help you attract a marketplace. Not only do social media pages and websites have value but even forum profiles and Web 2.0 properties, like WordPress. This is digital property that belongs to you and has significant value. Forget abandoning or closing down your old accounts, sell them at auction. What doesn’t fit your online strategy may fit someone elses.

We realize that you may not want to sell your main Facebook account because that’s personal but there is a portion of your online footprint that just gets closed down every year because you either move on to something else or give up on projects. You can monetize this stuff by selling it when you’re ready. We’ll also sell you Facebook profile if you want because your authority is valuable. Let’s unlock some value for you.

Avatar Bazaar will also allow you to sell your websites, applications or any other digital property for that matter. We want help establish legitimate value of digital property by helping determine market based value metrics for assets further easing investment. More and more people are starting to invest in the web in more and more diverse way, one of them being strategically building a portfolio of web properties that produce passive income.

Start your journey toward personal sovereignty by leveraging the Internet. Digital assets are the marketplace of tomorrow, let’s get you ushered in to the new digital class.

First things first, its important to get to understand SEO, search engines, social media and how the Internet immerses itself in our daily lives. What value is created by the Internet? What are possible uses that have not yet been explored? What is even possible with Internet? The Internet is new and opens more possibilities for technological innovation (by far), then there are of people actively researching new applications and uses. What can we do with this thing? There just isn’t enough people trying to use the Internet to create structures more efficiently, whether be it companies, propagating concepts or strait up innovating. Any one of us can be that person who mixes two existing things to create a new one that is 10 times better that both combined.

We want to collaborate with you to create a more complete internet. Contact Us if you have any questions regarding our service or would like to further participate in building the digital capital market.

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