A marketplace for digital assets is useless unless you understand how to make digital assets valuable. Digital properly such as a blog, a social media account or even a website is not intrinsically valuable as there are millions of property and an infinite amount of possibility but in the right hands and with the right strategy, you can build a diversified and passive income.

Think of a web property as an intellectual location rather than a physical one. Physical properties house the body while ideas house the mind and digital property house ideas. Your contribution to the web is influencing people and capitalism will pay for that influence. It’s the most cost effective marketing in our day.

In order to get the best out of your portfolio of digital assets and create an efficient income machine, you need to connect the right moving part. I can’t tell you exactly what you need to do to create online passive income because what needs to be done is ever changing but I can point you in the direction to some tools that help. Here are some tool that I am currently using to create my money machine;

Web Hosts 


If you’re going actually commit yourself to internet marketing or ecommerce, you are likely going to need to host a website at some point or another. Seeing as thought I’m not the most technically savvy person, I use GoDaddy. They’re by no means specialists, the cheapest or the most technically advanced but their customer service is actually really good. When I say that I’m not technically savvy, I kid you not, I don’t know jack about hosting a website and they got me up and running and never once sighed. They trained me well enough to get started until was successful enough to hire help. They’re the best host to get you started because they will literally train you.


Hosting can sometimes be an expensive venture  irrespective of how necessary it is. Namecheap is a company that has taken this in account and offers services at a lower price without jeopardizing quality and security. This can be a great way to lower costs as an experienced web marketer. Beginner web marketers often need to be trained on the management of backend systems and there are companies that focus on that though it does come at a price. If you all looking to lower cost and don’t need this specialized support, Namecheap can be a good option. Their service on the other hand is still warm and friendly but is less training oriented that others.  If you are looking to lower your hosting cost and don’t require back end support and training, namecheap.com is the place.

Content Management Systems


WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) used not only for blog but entire websites. This website is built with WordPress. I like it as a CMS because again, I’m not a great specialist and WordPress is easy to learn and has a whole economy of freelancers and plugins to help people build webstructure. You don’t have to be great with computers anymore to be a webmaster and WordPress is one of those reason. For beginners, WordPress.org is for those host their own sites while WordPress.com offers hosting services. If you host your site, you can use any plugin.


Shopify is an all in one content management, hosting and drop shipping ecommerce platform. It takes all the hassle out of doing business online. You can pretty much create your website from a drag and drop plateform, send all your product to their warehouse, get your website seen and let them take care of the rest. One of the major barriers to doing physical business online has historically been the shipping and operational management of your product. How can one person do all these things right? Shopify has solved that issue by creating a platform for collaboration where you can leverage their relationship with Amazon.com to manage the shipping and warehousing of your product. This will standardize your service allowing your website to compete with the best. Integrate Shopify in your online portfolio.

Hire Freelancers


I you are looking to do any kind of work online I hope you like writing because even in the least of writing intensive projects, writing is required. To be successful, you need to produce content and not all of it has to be your top notch work. Quality in the content you produce can vary, it’s important to know where that variance can occurs but it can and its important to hire out when you can. IWriter is a marketplace for writer and content where you can find a wide variance of content quality. I use Iwriter on portion of my projects.


a motto of mine in business is to let expert do what they are good at and to sub contract what you are not. SEOclerks is not a one stop shop for high end SEO  but a marketplace for lower end SEO that is just as necessary. This is the cheapest place if you want to start a social media account but don’t want to start at zero followers for example. This marketplace is a little like the Internet Marketing section of Fivvr but not restricted to price. You can sub out small tasks efficiently on this marketplace and there is great diversity.


A result of the merger of Odesk and Elance, Upwork is the leader in hiring freelancers whether it be for data entry, programming or writing. UpWork is where you would look for help in completing a job that is too specific to have it’s own marketplace. You can look for specific skill sets or allow for freelancers to bid on jobs. This will allow you to set market prices on tasks that you need done. Upwork is a general marketplace meaning that it caters to all form of freelance work attracting a larger variation in services. Hire freelance until you find talent then retain it. This is where you go when to start building a team.


Long Tail Pro

Keyword research is essential to search engine optimization and is an effective method of gaining authority online. You need people to visit your web properties for you to be able to monetize and create value with them. The best tool that I have used to do keyword research is long tail pro because it will also give me ordered keywords suggestion with stats. I have tried other program and have found Long Tail Pro to be more robust. You can also use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to do light research but Long Tail Pro just saves a bunch of time.

Monetize your Viewership

Ad Networks


AdSense is a cost-per-click advertising program designed by Internet giant Google which allows website publishers to insert HTML codes into their websites and have targeted and relevant ads appear, which in turns earns them a certain percentage of what advertisers pay to Google. AdSense doesn’t require you to have a product to sell in order to earn. All you need to have is quality content on your website where the AdSense codes can be placed. With Google AdSense you don’t have to look for or vet ads if you’re a publisher. All you need to do is generate a code in your AdSense account and embed it in your site as HTML. Google will then pick out ads relevant to your website and its users. It’s free and easy to set up Google AdSense. It is also easy to set up a new account because all you need to have is a website or a blog. It is important on the other hand that you have high quality content as Google is picky. They have been known to ban accounts for breach of their policies so make sure you only use this service on your high quality properties.

Affiliate Networks

Commission Junction 

Over the years, Commission Junction has been able to command a huge affiliate base in several niches such as banking, construction, hotel and hospitality, applications development, online services and many more. Their affiliate base is one of the biggest on the web.This is because they have international reach and expertise. It is common to hear an affiliate network providing coverage for international activity though Comission Junction has invested in understanding the markets, economies and cultures of different nations. They therefore have the capacity to work with a broad range of websites in a variety of countries. This affiliate network is simple and vast which is great for smaller projects.


Having a whopping 16 years of experience, this affiliate network has many affiliate programs to select from, thanks to its more than 3,900 available merchants spanning a broad range of categories. You can easily get an affiliate program to promote, which is best suited to your blog or website. This network has a virtual assistance center or chat that is cost-free, and they respond very quickly. A special phone call support is also available for merchants. ShareaSale has earned a good reputation due to the high speed of its technology and robust support systems.  Their simple reporting features has a bunch of tools aimed to provide you with a well-rounded view of how your campaigns are doing. ShareaSale is definnitly a high end affiliate network.


Clickbank.com is one of the largest online retailers when it comes to providing a wide range of products to consumers from all over the world. With a customer population of over 200 million and growing, Clickbank is among the top e-retail websites, sitting alongside Amazon, eBay and AliBaba. It makes total sense to join this exceptional platform as an affiliate website. You can start selling products as soon as you’ve successfully registered into the website. There’s also little to no investment required- all you need to do is start promoting a product and get commissions from successful referrals!