The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years. People went from knocking on each other’s doors to tweeting while driving. People fail pretty spectacularly while under the spell of their devices because we are now the creators of an entire universe, parallel to our own. In this universe, the currency is information which can be generated through expressions of creativity, research, talent and general passion. Put something together that you can truly be passionate and proud of and others will see value in it and even worship it. That’s why people are so enamored with their phones. People are expressing themselves creatively online and as humans, we want to engage in that.     

Blogging can be a good creative outlet. I know that when I’m not feeling so good about myself, it’s therapeutic to write about it. Or about anything for that matter. That release of creative energy can be healing in that it absolves the associated stress of whatever you’re dealing with.  It can get you into the moment. The simple act of channeling your creative forces into something tangible can also be relaxing and fulfilling because it may resound with someone somewhere. Your word can touch someone’s life. That, beneath all the societal fear of course, which often results in trolling (not a bad idea to turn commenting off every so often).

Beyond being potentially therapeutic, blogging can also be profitable. I talk about this a lot but blogging is content marketing at its core. You are contributing your creative energy to this network we call the web and someone is seeing value in it (or hopefully they are). Why not get two birds stoned at once (as said by Ricky) and get paid for your creative outlet, however weird it may be. Being a global network, you can find a market for anything, even used socks.

One easy way you can monetize your blogging is to advertise for guest posting. You can also offer mentions to complementary brands, products, websites or other media properties in your posts. You can control the process and have as much or as little say on what you are supporting or not. You can be very selective in choosing sponsors and just mention them in an article you were going to write anyway. You can also dedicate an entire post to promoting your sponsor. This is up to you and that decision will dictate what the market will be willing to pay for your guest post, along with the authority of your blog of course. You can always improve that by buying guest posts on other sites and blogs. SEO 101 is to weld your site to the network. Guest posts are strong welds. 

The idea is to create good content on your blog, implement sound SEO and social media marketing practices to create a following and thus authority. You can then increase the quality or the amount of content on your website by hiring writers. All writing quality levels exist so it’s important to choose suitable writers for your blog. A good place to try out many writers fast is because they have a large network all on the same platform. You can have 5 writers write the same article then follow the ones you like. You can even get the articles spun if you’re into the weaker content. 



If you already have writers that you like at the pricing you like, improving content quality can be further improved by hiring an editor. This can completely remove you from the blog content creation process if done right (or at your detriment).  Again, it’s all about trying a few editors out on a per diem basis when starting off because the first few jobs should alway be an interview.  A good site to find good editors is It’s a more generalized contractor marketplace than so it can be a good place to hire varied types of contractor though making the selection process is more tedious. Marketplace generalization usually come at the detriment of specialization and thus suitability. The likelihood of buying someone’s secondary service offering is higher than a specialized marketplace. 



So you’ve automated the process of content creation. Now all you have to do is market your blog for sponsorships and set your price. Lucky for you, we hold auctions here for people to trade media authorities. You can post your auction (or sale) and let the sales start. We market your auction to a specialized audience.  

If you don’t have those media properties (containing blogs) to sell guest post yet, you can alway get into the game by buying existing web 2.0 properties (like, blogger or That might speed up the process a bit.



All this to say, you can make an income online by channeling your creativity and sharing it. This is one application; blogging. If you don’t enjoy writing, don’t worry, content marketing exists in many forms on many channels. A stunt man is a performance artist and them sharing their art is the entire reason I have Instagram. Some people are just accidental stuntmen and they get views too.