If you want to make money online, you need a balanced digital marketing strategy. One that’s multi pronged and low risk.  


A balanced digital marketing strategy implements a diversity of social media platforms to work together driving traffic to your core digital asset. Whether it be a blog, business, an application or a cause,  social media is free and effective at driving attention. To be effective, you need to leverage especially the main platforms and this still includes Twitter.


Some say that Twitter is dead but that’s only because it’s now not the only macro-community online. These are communities that carry across multiple niches to reflect society as a whole. Twitter is still growing among many subcultures remaining as one the most widely used social media platforms online. It only being for comedians and Trump supporters is a myth, people still use it but just not exclusively. It’s still a macro-community. So why not integrate it with your social media marketing plan to make more passive income?


Now, all you need is followers but how do you get a lot of followers on Twitter?


Remember that the reason for getting a lot of followers on Twitter is not just for the count but for the actual human reach. This is your ability to be able to influence people. You need real human followers and ideally engaged users. There are a whole bunch of ways to get noticed by these users. Here are the best ways to get noticed.


  1. Participate in communities: This means actually participating in the activity they call tweeting. It’s ideal to branch off into subcommunities of interest to contribute constructively earning your fans. Follow people, comment on other tweets, share relevant content. Be active! There are on the other hand other strategies such as trolling, spoofing and piggybacking which are also very effective. Choose wisely.   
  2. Buy some Fans: I know this kind of sounds greasy. There are so many “buy real follower” junk offers out there, but take it for what it is. Bought fans are generally not real people and will not increase your actual reach but nobody cares when @countchocula (with 8 followers) retweets them. Having followers will get you noticed by people. Starting off with the perception of a half decent following will go a long way but don’t go overboard because it’s obvious to a real twitter user and nobody appreciates spam. You don’t want to be labelled a cheater. I wouldn’t go more than a few thousand. You can get a few thousand fans dirt cheap on SEOClerks.
  3. Use a Twitter bot: Save yourself some time and automate as much as you can. Farm multiple accounts that vary in quality and ideally within the same or in neighbouring niches. This rarely gets talk about but bots on social media most definitely push the paradigm needle. Imagine a small group of individuals controlling a botted Twitter army of 4 million accounts during; let’s say an election, for example. They then proceed to unleash a thunderous fury of hate tweets and rumours on whichever candidate. There are some interesting world implications here but it’s possible and you can leverage these tools on a smaller scale. One of the best tools out there is FollowLiker and another is TweetAttack. Just remember to use proxies and take your time programming your script.  
  4. Buy existing accounts: As technology for bots is advancing, the artificial intelligence is ingraining itself within communities to echo our paradigm making social media ever so loud. With this noise, consumers are getting herded like never before and a market for aged and authoritative accounts has developed to become more and more profitable. You can use the strategies above (ideally, all together) to create active income buying and selling Twitter accounts. Authority is value. While creating your active income buying and selling accounts, you can also use your farm as it‘s being built to create passive income by driving traffic to core properties. Your marketing tool is also a product generating revenue in this case and that’s money…         
  5. Use Twitter Marketing: It’s a little more expensive but it works. This is the Cadillac of all marketing plans because you just sit back and relax while firing a few hate tweets to your favourite super villain or another well-placed compliment praising the top baller of them all. Pick your niche properly, Tweet about it and market your tweets to that known community. This is more of a hands-off approach and likely will produce lower returns if looking to sell accounts. It would better for a core asset like your company’s official Twitter account because you can assure quality.    


Remember; how to get a lot of followers on Twitter is not by spamming. These strategies can be used to produce value or trash and it’s all in how you use them. Trolling is destructive to the cultural progression of humankind while a poorly tuned bot is pure excrement. Figure out how to use your bot before you scale up otherwise you are wasting your time and the time of others. Don’t buy a crap load fans, it’s a waste of money and you look like an idiot. Sell your account when they don’t fit your plan anymore and use Twitters in-house marketing. You get a decent bang for your buck (compared to a sign at the bus stop) and it’s good for your core brand.  

In this article, we talked about 2 things; how to use Twitter to add value to your core online assets by driving traffic to them and how to make money on using Twitter. Like your entire eCommerce strategy, your Twitter plan should have diversity. It should make money for you and drive traffic toward your core assets. There should be many accounts varying in quality surrounding a niche of interactions ideally around your core brand/asset. Implement all 5 of the mentioned methods with tact and you will have success. Having long term success is all in how you use the tools and strategies. Whether using a follow/unfollow script or chirping a hockey player, many strategies and tools have their place,  it’s how you implement them within the plan that drives value?