There are all sorts of strategies to growing your social media presence. Of the many, none is more tried and tested than like networks. Like networks are triangle relationships of social media accounts liking each other, many of which are burner accounts. Burner accounts are social media accounts created only to like and share other content, creating very little new content but moving information online. They interact mostly with other automated accounts though a small number are aggregated by actual human beings creating a small social reach. Search engines hear this noise you’re making under the web’s surface.  

These networks are not to be exclusively relied upon though they are important in the building and growing of social media networks. When building a portfolio of web assets, you can’t always be funneling resources to everything at once. You need to pick and choose what you focus on (unless you have unlimited funds). This includes money and how you invest it. If you’re focusing on building an email responder list, you can’t necessarily afford to also invest in growing your Twitter following. Like networks, like AddMeFast are free networks to add to your social media marketing plan, growing your toolkit. AddMeFast is a massive network and you can draw from this resource for free. All you have to do is plug in an account (or many accounts).

AddMeFast is so massive that there are bots available to work within its networks for you. AddMeFastBot is pretty much the golden standard in macros to automate AddMeFast. You can buy your social media accounts at , set up many accounts using AddMeFastBot, plug in what you want to promote and let the whole thing do its work. Though you should use proxies. Find out more about proxies.

On AddMeFast you can get Facebook likes, post likes, followers, and shares. You can market on Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and numerous other platforms. It’s truly the biggest network of its kind It’s got the most social media platforms and the best infrastructure. It’s as close to a free lunch as you will get.


You can also buy points from AddMeFast though they are for sale cheaper in marketplaces such as SEOClerks. Marketing on the platform can be free and effective with a little work and a lot of smarts. It’s not the highest quality following but it’s a following none the less and it’s fast. One that just works in the background while you work on what’s really going to take your web portfolio to the next level and build an income.

It’s all about building passive income  

I say this in every post but making money online is all in how you manage your assets. Digital asset management is the next frontier of wealth building. Being good at it will determine your social status within a new digital class where some people are just super productive. The way I see it; In 30 years, the person who controls the most advanced artificial intelligence will be the most powerful person in the world. Think about what it. You would be able to outsmart anything. You got cancer; here’s a cure. Need to do your taxes; bam! Done. You could build entities that only exist online to further build your online business (or an organization of entities working for you) and then that becomes a massive wealth driver. Imagine getting a phone call from what you would swear was a human being then finding out it was a machine. Eventually, people will laugh at the thought of this not existing, kind of like the generation who have grown up with smartphones.   

Take what you can for free because there is a lot offered and humankind is growing fast. Someone’s thoughts and understanding can be your key to freedom. Think of all you can learn for free then direct it toward what you want in life and it will spit out a money machine that you’re somehow passionate about. A business that scratches your own itch.

You will eventually have to market it