connectednessThe online economy is exploding yet its growth potential is yet to be fully comprehended (due to its size). New applications are being discovered at an alarming rate. It’s like there aren’t enough smart people to dream up new shit fast enough so there’s room for us regular folks to get in on the getting. The internet is the new building platform but only it’s intellectual building. All this is code and you don’t even need to know how to code to get in the game.

Having long been a web marketer and looking for a new venture, about two years ago I noticed people starting to trade social media accounts in SEO forums. It seemed to me a very informal and inefficient way to trade. These were individual threads to sell one or a few accounts. A stock market is centralized and works by auction in order to find efficiency I thought. Efficiency being the accuracy of pricing, its the cheapest and fairest way to trade value.

Avatar Bazaar was created because it was inevitable that the trade of social media accounts centralize to some degree allowing the growth of the marketplace. There’s an increase in demand because people are realizing that their voices have value and they want to monetize that value. It’s natural that markets evolve around demand as infrastructure follows demand. Our global brand of economics encourages it. Sell what you can. Whether it be a social cause or a commercial brand, people are increasingly shaping the global paradigm and we are all starting to realize that. Formalizing trade is not only inevitable but required to unlock value for people. You can have all the electricity in the world but still be in the dark without a lightbulb. As economic values further tie themselves to digital content, posting low-quality garbage will become even less economic. Don’t count on the troll just disappearing but adding economic incentive to quality should improve content across the web. People just need a place to freely transact, unlocking that value by meticulously growing these accounts and selling them, whether intentional or not.

Dark-Corner-of-the-WebAuthoritative accounts are worth the most. A strong forum contributor is worth more than the passive commenter.

I should warn you, social media accounts are bought and sold elsewhere online. We’re just trying to centralize exchange to bring greater clarity to pricing. Less formal markets will continue to grow and coexist to form an ecosystem of trade. We all have our places in the world and the internet is forcing that mentality. It’s one environment so we need to co-exist.

Aside from SEO and web marketing forums, another such place to buy pre-owned social media accounts is You can sporadically find Reddit accounts and sometimes other social media but it’s primarily a web marketing services marketplace. You can find all types of services like link building and social media marketing. I have found them to be top notch in finding providers to do small SEO tasks, like creating a blog.

I find it interesting how the internet economy is creating an environment where the line between complimentary products and services is shrinking. SEOClerks creates a marketplace for small SEO services while Avatar Bazaar focuses on the  properties that both create and benefit from the SEO services at SEOClerks.

If you are looking for an even less formal way to acquire high ranking social media accounts and pages, there are also other ways. Less formality is the way to get the best prices but it may take some work. You need to be looking for pages and accounts that have become inactive on the actual social media platform. Upon finding one, you would then send them an offer to buy their account. This method requires work but opportunity for arbitrage exist so you can make a profit. Simply sell the purchased account on a more formal and established marketplace at a premium (like this one). In some cases, you can find gem of accounts with markets willing to pay good money. This opportunity is current and not quite standard so likely still nice and juicy. The concept is to move up in transactional formality and get compensated for taking the risk of doing so. That’s your cut for going from one market to another with a product. You are getting paid for taking on counterparty risk.

On the stock market, big banks implement high-frequency trading algorithms to buy on one market and sell on another making a few cents per transaction. This is called market arbitrage (in one of its forms). Because markets are still establishing themselves online (they will be for a while), these opportunities are big and still relatively untouched marking them particularly attractive.

You don’t even need to know how to code and you can participate in the online economy and even earn an income from it. You can flip accounts or actively manage a portfolio of web properties. Project management is the skill of the future because our future is one filled with entrepreneurs. Coding is good but project management is best. The new opportunities that now exists online are of the nature that require a certain confidence and operational nimbleness that conglomerates just don’t have. Entrepreneurship is what is building the internet and it’s construction is still young. Incumbent companies and conglomerate are more interested in exploiting existing market position than opening new ones for themselves and others. Your opportunities are to create and find new markets.

All this to say; get on it. Create yourself a portfolio of income producing web properties so that you can reduce your financial stress. Next, reduce your dependency on consumption to then be economically free. Invest and find that perfect balance for yourself. There are enough opportunities for everyone, just dream one up and run with it. If you fail then you learn and try again. Young people may never need to actually join the traditional economy and believe me, that’s a good thing.

Now-a-days, your work can be like your clothes. Anything goes.